draw these strings tight keep yourself inside

Daylight Savings.
has really fucked me over.
I haven't been sleeping before 4am almost every night, I can't even remember.
I'm so sleep deprived and crazy. I got to bed at around 5am this morning, got woken up around 9am with drama.
I can't actually remember what I've been doing with my life.

Double eye bags are all the rage right now.

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Mike Wazouski

The next person who walks up to me and says "you look lonely"
is going to get a bag rack to the face

My Perception of time is Skewed.
So ridiculously skewed.
I thought today was tuesday, it is not.

Anyways, I thought I would make an update on my relatively boring life for ya'll.

Probably more for my benefit than you, dear readersCollapse )

Life is so (not that) interesting.

Shameless Self Promotion
I'm posting again, no way.

So basically this is about that photography course I did on the weekend, well Jess sent me an email asking if I could write about it, so I did...

Me being me freaking out about leaving stuff out, and them once I sent it figuring out better things I could have said, but anyway

It's on a website now, no way man, no way
That means people I don't know will potentially read it

So check it out

my winning photo is there also :D

I'm tired
So, so tired of this

Soundwave Week;

Last week was the much anticipated soundwave week. A show every night and travelling to Melbourne with friends, I had an absolutely amazing incredible week.

Now it’s back to my boring life.

Epic Soundwave week was epicCollapse )


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